Army parades are spellbinding.

Soldiers march in unison with their spine straight, shoulders upright, arms swinging, and their foot stamping the ground with a rhythmic reverberating thud strong enough to crush the foundation of the ground they march on.

These soldiers come from different backgrounds, have different genetic codes, but their march makes it seem like they were born to create this effortless synchronized melody.

One can’t help but feel a surge of adrenaline and, perhaps pride, watching that march of swagger.

Usable and delightful products are created when designers and developers march in perfect unison — similar to the…

Your network is your net worth. Careers are built on the foundation of one thing: relationships.

When anyone with an internet connection can master any skill — and that too at an unprecedented pace — the thing that sets you apart from others is the currency of your relationships.

When you build strong bridges, you get the pass to be on the fastest lane to get to exciting opportunities. These bridges also make sure that you never get submerged in the dark waters of adversity.

But when you burn these bridges — by not caring, or badmouthing people — then…

Team Culture > Organizational Culture. Leaders spend so much time obsessing about their company’s culture they overlook a simple fact: a team is actually the company to an employee — and, employees experience the company’s culture through their teams.

To spread the seeds of the company’s culture, we make the HR groups the rightful heir to the culture. And every month one-hour cultural engagement activities are planned, forgetting employees have to spend 19 days and 7 hours with their teams. …

Original Image Source: Business Insider

Back in the mid-nineties when the internet was still in diapers, Jeff Bezos had an idea to put a dent in the universe by launching the biggest online bookstore.

And it was ‘The Regret Minimization Framework’ that gave him the impetus to launch Amazon and start his journey of becoming one of the entrepreneurial demigods.

Jeff Bezos explaining The Regret Minimization Framework in 2 minutes. It’s really insightful. Please watch it, you won’t regret it.

The framework’s premise is simple: visualize your frail 80-year-old self and see if they would regret not pursuing a specific path. …

A definitive interview guide to finding the right designers to build an incredible design team.

Illustration by Quovantis

We have been storytellers since the time it was fashionable to call caves ‘home’. We used stories as a medium to find not only meaning in life but our place in the cosmos. And we passed on the stories of mythical righteous characters from one generation to another so that people could imbibe their traits.

We use the same imagination — the one we used for mythological storytelling — to design, and create a better world for us.

“Design and Mythology are both media for storytelling that represent general cultural truths and their human meaning. …

4 reasons backed by science and research to help leaders understand the power of small teams

illustration by Quovantis

Entropy happens. Be it in our universe, or in isolated systems like organizational teams.

And when entropy happens in teams — generally as an outcome of unexamined accelerated growth — it not only impedes progress but creates chaos and confusion. And if left unchecked, leads to huge cracks in a team’s foundation.

There are many strategies to combat entropy. But one of the easiest is to tackle team composition. Scratch that. I meant the team’s size.

Team Size? Wait a minute. Does that mean a team shouldn’t grow?

No, I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting being conscious about your team…

What if it was reversed?

Is he thinking what I’m thinking? I don’t know, and never will. Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash

I was on my terrace reading Reasons to Stay Alive when the booming rhythmic music of the Punjabi Dhol stole my attention.

It was a wedding procession.

If you haven’t been to this part of the world then know Punjabi weddings make celebrations a street affair with their typical reverberating Dhol sequences that go — DhingDhing…LuckLuck…DhingDhing…LuckLuck…, and can pierce anyone’s eardrum, umm…let’s say within a 10-mile radius. Like the whole city should know where’s the party, and who is going to get lucky tonight.

Submerging ourselves in the ecstasy of music to celebrate is so deeply ingrained in our DNA…

HiPPO: Highest Income Paid Person’s Opinion.

I know, I know, real HiPPOs don’t dress like that but that’s where creative freedom comes in, illustrated by Quovantis

If you have Lead, Manager, Director, VP, or any job title which resonates with a leadership position then you might be perceived as a HiPPO. Without you even realizing it.

Getting labeled as a HiPPO could be a noteworthy achievement of your career, but not so much when you want to make decisions harnessing the diversity and collective wisdom of your group.

You see, when you are perceived as a HiPPO, what you say — even a mere harmless suggestion — has the potential to be interpreted as a decision.

It happens because your team thinks you must be good…

And help your team members realize their full potential

The book that helps you develop a coaching habit. Illustration by Quovantis.

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions you have to make on your team’s behalf? The decisions which they could have easily made. And the thought, “when would my team start tackling challenges on their own?”, sticks with you like a shadow.

Well, you are not alone. And the sad truth — you are partly responsible for it.

You are in this untenable situation because you either don’t have the luxury of time to let your team solve problems on their own or perhaps, you have an interesting viewpoint on organizational challenges — from strategy to execution —…

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

It’s easy wanting to be a writer. But it’s stupendously hard to sit through the ordeal of crafting a compelling read. Something so riveting that keeps readers gliding effortlessly from one sentence to another. Something that strikes such an emotional chord that they hypnotically nod their head in agreement while devouring every single word.

To achieve this level of mastery in non-fiction writing is a task of biblical proportions. The writing has to be meaningful and creative and profound. And these very things, especially the one about sounding profound, make writing astonishingly hard.

The need for sounding profound plays devious…

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