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You could measure the length of the Great Wall of China if you were to spread out and stitch together the posts about some version of “life-changing books.”

“10 Books That Made Me Into An Outstanding Leader.”, “7 Life-Changing Books That You Can Read In A Weekend”, “You Only Need These 5 Books To Create That Happy WorkPlace.”

You could pick your area of interest, search for a book list, and you will find your index finger itching to click on some post promising a list of books that will change your life. Forever.

How do I know this? Because…

"Being a writer means you are running a small business, manufacturing sentences, and you are the owner of the business, and the foreman of the factory, and the guy working on the production line, and the person driving the truck to deliver the sentences to your customers."

You forgot to highlight the main part -- sometimes inspiring those customers with the manufactured sentences.

More power to you and your independence that people like me can just learn about the art of writing reading your stories.

Hope your craft and the universe conspires you to get that insurance coverage for life.

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Questions have astonishing power. They can fuel life-changing innovations when asked at the right time to the right audience.

After having worked with hundreds of SaaS startups, here is a definitive list of 30 questions, without too much jargon, to get you started on your quest to build the product you have been itching to build:

  1. What problem are we trying to solve?
  2. Who are we trying to solve the problem for?
  3. What proof do we have that many people experience the same problem?
  4. If we don’t, how can we conduct some user research to collect the data about the…

Awaiting worldwide release on a date unknown

Like Adam Grant, I’m languishing.

As if working in closed doors during this Covid induced lockdown isn’t enough, I also get to experience the constant assault of distractions.

We assume the lockdown-induced work is productive because we get to work in a secluded environment, away from the buzz of our offices. No more pesky colleagues to disturb us while we are in the middle of solving an important issue.

But it overlooks that all of our colleagues still have access to us through the digital channels. …

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Here is a list of skills senior designers need beyond designing, based on an extremely insightful post on the skills senior engineers need by Camille Fournier.

  1. How to have in-depth conversations to understand a product roadmap
  2. How to get married to the users’ problems, not design trends
  3. How to estimate the effort and timelines to see a design initiative to the completion
  4. How to divide the project into distinct phases, milestones, and sprints to achieve the desired outcome
  5. How to know when to stop looking for the perfect inspiration and start executing
  6. How to run effective design feedback meetings on…


Army parades are spellbinding.

Soldiers march in unison with their spine straight, shoulders upright, arms swinging, and their feet stamping the ground with a rhythmic reverberating thud strong enough to crush the foundation of the ground they march on.

These soldiers come from different backgrounds, have different genetic codes, but their march makes it seem like they were born to create this effortless synchronized melody.

One can’t help but feel a surge of adrenaline and, perhaps pride, watching that march of swagger.

Similar to the army parade, usable and delightful products are created when designers and developers march in perfect…

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Careers are built on the foundation of one thing: relationships.

When anyone with an internet connection can master any skill — and that too at an unprecedented pace — the thing that sets you apart from others is the currency of your relationships.

When you build strong bridges, you get the pass to be on the fastest lane to get to exciting opportunities. These bridges also make sure that you never get submerged in the dark waters of adversity.

But when you burn these bridges — by not caring, or badmouthing people — then comes a time there isn’t anyone…

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Leaders spend so much time obsessing about their company’s culture they overlook a simple fact: a team is actually the company to an employee — and, employees experience the company’s culture through their teams.

To spread the seeds of the company’s culture, we make the HR groups the rightful heir to the culture. And every month one-hour cultural engagement activities are planned, forgetting employees have to spend 19 days and 7 hours with their teams. …

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Back in the mid-nineties when the internet was still in diapers, Jeff Bezos had an idea to put a dent in the universe by launching the biggest online bookstore.

And it was ‘The Regret Minimization Framework’ that gave him the impetus to launch Amazon and start his journey of becoming one of the entrepreneurial demigods.

Jeff Bezos explaining The Regret Minimization Framework in 2 minutes. It’s really insightful. Please watch it, you won’t regret it.

The framework’s premise is simple: visualize your frail 80-year-old self and see if they would regret not pursuing a specific path. …

A definitive interview guide to finding the right designers to build an incredible design team.

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We have been storytellers since the time it was fashionable to call caves ‘home’. We used stories as a medium to find not only meaning in life but our place in the cosmos. And we passed on the stories of mythical righteous characters from one generation to another so that people could imbibe their traits.

We use the same imagination — the one we used for mythological storytelling — to design, and create a better world for us.

“Design and Mythology are both media for storytelling that represent general cultural truths and their human meaning. …

Tarun Kohli

Founder & CEO of, an avid book reader and a student for life.

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