Team Culture > Organizational Culture. Leaders spend so much time obsessing about their company’s culture they overlook a simple fact: a team is actually the company to an employee — and, employees experience the company’s culture through their teams.

To spread the seeds of the company’s culture, we make the HR groups the rightful heir to the culture. And every month one-hour cultural engagement activities are planned, forgetting employees have to spend 19 days and 7 hours with their teams. And, if the team’s culture isn’t healthy then such activities — no matter how fun they are — won’t be able to stop employees to look outside.

Whereas the simplest thing we can do is to make sure every team has a caring and competent leader, psychological safety, autonomy for its members, and work that pushes its members to grow.

Nothing amplifies a company’s culture better than every team holding the cultural megaphone.

Founder & CEO of, an avid book reader and a student for life.

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