Why I am always trumped with ‘where do you see yourself 5 years from now?’

Who is this guy? Why is he staring at the stairs? How long will he stand here? These are all good questions for which I don’t have answers. Photo by yang miao on Unsplash

So we have a vision for the future where we would have NPS of 100% from both clients and our people. A pipe dream, definitively. But, a worthy one. Because the quality of service, the experience for the partners and the employees should be the heart and soul of a company. It is its purpose.

And when one creates a vision aligned with the purpose then fancy spreadsheets, and the knowledge of calculus are not required to figure out ‘where would you be’ 5 years from now.

Founder & CEO of quovantis.com, an avid book reader and a student for life.

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